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Jefferson Northeast Wellness

Our Wellness team at Jefferson Northeast is comprised of

residents from each of our programs (FM, IM, EM, EM/IM, EM/FM) in

our large community hospital. The goal of our Wellness Committee is

to advocate for resident wellness and coordinate events for our

residents to participate in. Typically, we meet on a monthly basis to

arrange upcoming activities and discuss wellness related topics that

involve resident wellness in the hospital.

Some of the events that we have coordinated include a resident run

potluck, axe throwing, free Barre classes, yoga, self-defense, bar crawl as well as volunteer activities.

Additionally, we have organized multiple in hospital events in the

hospital such as “Thank A Resident Day’ which was celebrated for the

mid week ice cream party to recharge our spirits during the busy

winter months.

These events serve as outlets for us to meet outside

and inside the hospital to promote healthy coping mechanisms for our

work related stress. Additionally, our team has advocated for a

renovation to our overnight call room. Our hard work along with the

help of a few of our attending helped us renovate the call room with

new computer, dictation microphones, sofas, refrigerators and a flat

screen TV to make those long call shifts easier. We are still working on

getting the hot tub installed…

In addition to events, our Wellness Committee has arranged that

$250 of our yearly GME stipend be allowed to include wellness costs.

This has allowed our residents to use this money for things such as

gym memberships rather than using it for only educational purposes.

Upcoming on our agenda…

  • We are working with our GME to work on freeing up more of the yearly stipend (currently $250) for wellness related activities

  • Resident get together for a haunted Eastern State Penitentiary tour

  • Additional free resident fitness group activities

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