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Ballin’ on a Budget

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

  • Philadelphia Restaurant week September 15-27th: If you’ve been dying to hit up that it expensive restaurant, this is the time to do it. $25 for lunch and $35 for dinner for 3 course meals. Grab your significant other, friend or fellow residents (or all the above) and hit up at least one of these amazing restaurants for a VERY discounted price.

Keep an eye out for Passyunk and Fairmount restaurant week in the spring.

Philadelphia restaurant week occurs twice a year!

Follow for all the restaurant week details! : The go to place for weekly events (some free some not so free) around Philadelphia and the neighboring suburbs.

  • Cultural events…think the ballet, orchestra, etc: There are multiple Philadelphia “Young Friends” groups for young professionals ages 21-40. Members of these groups recieve discounted rates to all shows as well as access to pre/post show events.

Do you even lift bro?!

Author: Sarah Rubin, PGY4 EM

Residency: Jefferson Northeast

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